Level 1, Maitland week 3

Time for second English post for now. There are couple of reasons for it: first, I thought of going through some Maitland stuff after week III of level one in Gdansk. The other reason is that just a few weeks ago I started to look a bit more closely the statistics of the visits of my blog. As you may see I am not such an IT-expert… But better late than never, right?

When I started this blog on February I could have not ever thought that seven months later I would have over 11 000 visitors and almost 3000 of them would be from abroad. There are almost 500 visits from Germany and I think that it is thanks to my course mates that Poland, the promised land of banana beer, comes in second from the countries outside of Finland.

Almost 200 visitors from US and the most interesting must be South Korea with over 50 visitors. Since this is the second post in English, all the other English language is in the memes. Let’s just leave it there.

Anyhow… It has been a few weeks since the week III in Gdansk and what a week it was! What comes to my accommodation it was the most enjoyable so far. Like all the previous places, it was an Airbnb flat which I shared with local young woman. She was a vegan raw-food and glutein free cook who had made this delicious cake just on the evening of my arrival. Within 5 minutes I stepped over her footstep I had a huge slice of fig cake in front of me. She said she didn’t recognize smaller slices of cake. What’s there not to like?

The view was great and the district was calm. I can nothing but recommend accommodating with the locals. It is so much easier to get to know the area and the city. And there is always a possibility of a cake, or waking up to the hostess singing Ed Sheeran. Greetings, Alexandra!

What comes to actual studies it was an exciting week for many reasons. The main topics were SI-joint meaning pelvis and knee as well the foot. Since pelvic area physiotherapy is somewhat debatable and includes a lot of myths, believes and old customs of doing things, it was fascinating to see what this concept´s approach was to the subject. On the next post I will discuss some SI-joint and pelvic floor stuff so there is something to be continued.

Another reason what made this week a hint more different compared to week I and II, I had seriously gotten myself outside of the comfort zone. After a couple of misunderstandings, language barriers and absurd excitement I asked our course teacher whether I could keep a small oral presentation of pelvic floor physiotherapy during the lectures. So, on Wednesday, there I stood with Power Point dias and no, I didn’t go there with the lap full of electrodes and lubricants. Not this time.

At times, I was a bit nervous before the presentation. There were not one or two times when I thought what the heck I was doing. I had held maybe one short English presentation during basic physio studies. So, I was eager to put it together but I didn’t know what to except and whether I would freeze completely.

After those small breakdowns and times of nervousness and even kinda during them, I still knew that these were the feelings I was longing. If the challenges wouldn’t feel like demanding and a bit scary, what would be the point? Only getting to places where you haven’t been, could get you to somewhere new.

So yes, I was nervous. But if I haven’t been, it would have been a bad sign. Eventually I felt comfortable talking about my work. And why wouldn’t I have? I was talking about the subject I was interested in and in which I had clinical experience and knowledge. The atmosphere was familiar and supportive. I found myself enjoying staying in front of the listeners and at least now I will not sacrifice one single thought of being shy of speaking English in any circumstances. It does not have to be perfect. Just open your mouth and try, the rest will follow.

So here is a little take home message for today:

If you find yourself being nervous or scared off something, be thankful. It only means you are on the break of something that matters. It is not the things we are afraid of doing, it is the things we do – despite there is a big or small hesitant voice whispering in your ears. Beat that voice!

I just booked the flights and the next accommodation for the last week for this year in Poland. In the next minute I did sign up for the level 2A starting in next May. Maybe then my Polish will be perfect.

Or not.

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